The genesis of DeepDocs

Founded in 2022, DeepDocs was born out of Jules' desire to use healthcare data to guide and support his medical and surgical decisions. He realized that 90% of medical data was unused because 80% of them are unstructured according to a Deloitte report, despite the fact that hundreds of operations similar to his had been performed in the past.

Solution 1 - That same year, he teamed up with Greg and Guillaume to create the Os-BERT & DeepMask solutions to securely extract and structure medical data from medical consultations for healthcare professionals, which very quickly came to be used by Doctors, Hospitals, and Clinical Research Managers during the process of their Clinical Studies.

Solution 2 - Over the same period, they also developed the DAM solution to automatically generate Literature review in around 15 minutes, allowing Medical Devices Manufacturers, Laboratories and Insurance companies - which were performing those analysis manually in a 3-month average - to benefit from huge gains of productivity to accelerate their Clinical Studies processes.

The problem linking all these players? To be able to rapidly and securely analyse medical data in order to accelerate the Research Process, and make decisions supported by data and statistics.

Our solution? To enable all these players to use a SaaS all-in-one application, integrating Artificial Intelligence technologies, to boost their productivity in collecting data, extraction of parameters, analysing publication and redaction of medical, scientific, regulatory and PMCF review.

The Team


Supported by experienced Advisors & Partners

Our Commitments

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